Thanks for checking out Economic Forces, a weekly newsletter by Brian Albrecht and Josh Hendrickson. We are both professors of economics with a passion for we call “price theory,” a particular approach to economics that used to be taught at places like UCLA and Chicago. This newsletter is our attempt to work through and clarify points in price theory.

Josh Hendrickson

Josh is an Associate Professor of Economics at Ole Miss. His research is on political economy, economic history, and monetary economics. You can find out more about his research on his website or follow him on Twitter.

Brian Albrecht

Brian is the Chief Economist at the International Center for Law & Economics. His research is on the interplay of competition and information within economic theory. You can find more about his research on his website or follow him on Twitter.

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No. Neither of us is the strapping gentleman in our avatar. That is Armen Alchian, former UCLA economist and one of the founders of property rights economics. Our title, Economic Forces, is a homage to Alchian’s selected works, Economic Forces at Work.

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Using price theory to understand the world
Josh is an associate professor at the University of Mississippi