Nov 6, 2020Liked by Brian Albrecht

Good article Brian. I get the feeling that we use so many models in intro micro that we confuse people as to the basic message. My only gripe with this piece is that you do use the word competitive without being too precise what you mean. You seem to mean something like, we reach the same intersection of the two curves, but I still want more explicit standards as to what would make a market "competitive". What kind of market would you call non-competitive? (Presumably something with high barriers to entry for firms). Anyway, good stuff. Big fan. When I teach micro I'll certainly be using some of these with students.

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Sep 5, 2021Liked by Brian Albrecht

Great piece, Brian.

Even though I agree with part regarding asymmetric information, I'm wondering if asymmetric information could come to trouble, especially in healthcare sector. Or should it be called "asymmetric chance" since patients have much less chance to prepare for health-related events, even more so in an accident. I believe you've heard this question a lot from your students but it'll reall help if you could enlighten me a bit. Thanks in advance!

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