Sitemap - 2021 - Economic Forces

What is the Deal with NFTs?

There Is No Such Thing As Supply

Economics and Ethics

Markets Must Become Competitive

Charles Hickson | Earl Thompson, National Defense, and Efficient Institutions

Don't Ask People Why Prices are Rising

Reader Questions: On Price-Taking and Competition

Cooperation and Conflict

David Glasner | Ralph Hawtrey and Price Theory vs. Microfoundations in Macro

Are Monopolies Ever Good?

Do Inflation Expectations Matter?

Not Exactly a Nobel for Price Theory

Peter Ireland | Chicago Monetary Economics and Price Theory

Why Do Authors Get Paid Royalties?

When Duopolies are the Same as Monopolies

Where Are the Vaccine Subsidies?

A Parrot Can Say Supply and Demand

Larry White | UCLA Price Theory and Macroeconomics

Year in Review + Exciting (?) Announcement

Why Might Firms Offer Free Services?

Empirical Price Theory

Price Theory and Cryptocurrency

One Word: Externality

Policy as a Contract

In Defense of Non-Competes

Transaction Costs, the Family, and Public Policy

Biases in Economic Theory

Economics and the Law

What's in a Name?

A Competitive Market for Money?

Is Apple's App Store Competitive?

Why Do Women's Clothes Cost More Than Men's?

When Paris doesn't get fed

Costs, Competition, and Prices that Don't Clear the Market

Competition is about more than prices

What is Antitrust Law Really About?

In Praise of Lumpiness

What I've Been Writing

It's Infrastructure Week!

Evergreen Price Theory

Don't Waste My Time

Costs and Outputs

Economics Puzzles (If You Don't Know Price Theory)

Failures of The Law of One Price

Externalities and the Numbers Problem

Pricing Electricity Markets

What About Bubbles?


Are Financial Markets Efficient?

Who Pays for the Minimum Wage?

How can price theory help us navigate the minimum wage debate?

We Need a Theory of Publicly Provided Goods

Why Regulate Prices?